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At Fire Graphics LLC, our job is to produce high quality visual evidence with graphic illustrations or animations that help the jury to connect with your expert. All of our product comes straight from your case files. For sample case files click the link below.

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Demonstrative Evidence

Fire Graphics produces litigation graphics that powerfully and credibly communicate complex evidence and advance the client’s evidentiary and legal position.

Fire Scene Analysis

Steve Chasteen is uniquely qualified to assist you with any fire-related claim. His specialization with origin and cause investigation and fire science allows us to provide valuable advice to clients and experts at the critical stages of a fire case.

Hand Drawn Illustrations

Sheldon Borenstein, and Fire Graphics believe that visual aids are the key to making a case. There is simply no excuse in today’s litigation not to plan and prepare to present your cases visually at all key stages.

Powerful Presentations

Litigators do not need to know how to create advanced PowerPoint litigation presentations. However, litigators do need to understand what a skilled artist is capable of producing using the program.

We can help you win your case.

FIRE GRAPHICS offers illustrations for the fire and crime scene litigation industry. The use of effective and accurate demonstrative evidence at trial is a critical tool. We are able to provide detailed and clear animated illustrations that will be a visual companion to any expert testimonies presented and will be beneficial in putting the jury at the scene of the incident and clearly understand what events transpired to lead to the final outcome. Such animated illustrations can elaborate and concisely show the start and progression of a fire and why it resulted in the burn patterns present at the scene, providing a visual progression of events that leave no room for questions. With experts that have more than 60 years of combined fire investigation and graphic illustration experience we are able to offer quality illustrations for a clientele seeking a budget friendly solution.
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Top Quality Evidence Production

At Fire Graphics we know that the law loves the word, but people love pictures. Our job is integrating words and pictures into your presentations in such a way that you are successful in conveying your case to  the judge, jurors, arbitrators or mediators.

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Sheldon’s ability to bring a fire scene to life is unbelievable!! It truly does help the jury understand what REALLY happened!!
John K., Illinois, Client
I have never seen demonstrative evidence prepared like this! Sheldon’s fire scene illustration’s help pull together the expert testimony for the jury to see the fire!
Dan T., Texas, Client

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