Happy New Year From Fire Graphics LLC

We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We at Fire Graphics are here for all your needs in 2017. Let us help you by providing you with the evidence you need for your case. Here is some...Read More

Litigation Conference

At a recent litigation conference, the speaker told the audience that a smart attorney will not go present his case to the jury WITHOUT high quality demonstrative evidence. He further stated that the smart attorney will use animation, illustrations and...Read More

Graphics and Animations in Case

QUESTION:  Do I really need trial graphics and animation in this case? Keep in mind that the decision made by counsel could very well determine whether you prevail in this case!! So, by answering a couple of very basic questions...Read More


Evidence is described in Webster’s dictionary is defined as: A thing, a document, or the testimony of a person that bears on the truth or falsity of an assertion made in litigation; the totality of such items introduced in a...Read More