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FIRE GRAPHICS offers illustrations for the fire litigation industry.

FIRE GRAPHICS provides an expert staff who will review your file and prepare the exact and detailed demonstrative evidence needed for your case while working to stay within your litigation budget. They will help you to present the best evidence possible for your case through detailed animated illustrations.



These cases can involve millions of dollars so it is imperative you have clear and detailed demonstrative evidence to support your theory that your product DID OR DID NOT ignite a fire. Using your case file, including your fire scene photographs, witness statements, and any other available information, our illustrations will help to support your hypothesis about the facts of the fire. These illustrations are prepared by our staff expert who has more than 30 years of illustration and animation experience.


The insurance industry is facing a nationwide epidemic of arson fires. Due to severe economic times, arson fires continue to increase at an alarming rate. This in turn costs the insurance industry billions of dollars in fraudulent claims. This cost is then passed down to the policyholders. The risks are always high when an insurance company denies a claim which then may end up in a courtroom. The use of animated illustrations will clearly show how the fire was ignited and spread helping the court and the jury to better understand the case. Through such illustrations jurors will be transported to the scene of the incident and will be able to visually put all of the evidence together to make a more informed and accurate decision.


Proving an arson case in a criminal trial can be complicated. The scene has possibly been severely damaged or destroyed by the fire. Although the fire scene has been well documented by fire investigators, to an untrained jury’s eye they may not see the story that is behind the evidence and why such a scene turned out the way it did. Our fire scene illustrations will take the court and the jury back to the scene and will show them what the structure looked like prior to the fire. The animated illustrations will then show the jurors where the fire began and how the fire grew in size and spread throughout the structure. Our illustrators will be able to clearly depict where the accelerants were within the structure and how the fire behaved after it was ignited. Finally, the cost of hand drawn illustrations will be far less than the expensive and complicated computer programs that other companies want you to use. Our illustrations are more effective in proving your case and are of a professional quality and detail that will serve your case to its best advantage.